About Me

I graduated the University of Massachusetts-Amherst in December of 2010 where I created my own major in International Sports Marketing as part of the Bachelor’s Degree with an Individual Concentration program. In addition to participating in this unique program, I also added a journalism major. In my three and a half years, I had a number of great experiences which included working at my school’s newspaper, studying abroad at Tel Aviv University, being the founding member of the UMass Amherst Mock Trial team, and teaching at a struggling public high school in Massachusetts once a week.

During my early teenage years, I managed a website devoted to the NBA draft, which involved doing qualitative analysis on NBA draft prospects, communicating with NBA agents and team scouts, and conducting interviews for the site, which I updated on a daily basis.

I became interested in telling stories since my freshman year of high school. In those four years, I learned how to do that by working on the newspaper, which I continued at UMass with the Massachusetts Daily Collegian. My experience made it possible to move into a copy editing position by sophomore year, become Assistant Sports Editor my junior year and Sports Editor my last semester. As Sports Editor, I recruited, trained and managed a staff of over 30 writers who performed at a high level because of how I handled my leadership responsibilities.

However, I knew that I wanted to utilize my interests in another field, so I created my own major in International Sports Marketing.

The Bachelor’s Degree with an Individual Concentration major (also known as BDIC), truly made my educational experience at UMass rewarding. It gave me the opportunity to study what I was passionate about in a concentrated way. The BDIC program also forced me to learn how to advocate for myself when crafting my educational program so that I could take the classes I wanted. I learned how to sell my work ethic and academic ambitions in order to get into the classes I wanted. Creating my own major gave me the tools and experience so that I could present my ideas and opinions in a convincing and cohesive way. I was required to explain each class I desired as part of my educational program detailing its purpose and benefit to my academic experience.  At the end of my three and half years, I learned not only about my own passion, but also how to convey my passion to administrators, professors and peers.

I used the past two summers to get experience in Marketing and Public Relations, where I learned how to tell the story of a company’s brand or purpose using social media applications to engage an audience. I hope to combine these two experiences into a Marketing or Public Relations job that values my ability to tell their story through social media to increase awareness of their brand.

Some examples of where I display my creativeness in different projects can be seen on this site. In each of my jobs, I’ve made a point of doing more than what was asked of me, whether it’s going above and beyond the assignments given to me or serving in a consultative role. I’m confident that my diverse number of experiences, my competitive nature, and my eagerness to take on any challenge will benefit me in any work environment I choose to work in.

I can be contacted by email at ajmil0011@gmail.com or by phone at 312-354-0081.


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