Class Projects

During my last three semesters as a student at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, I received several opportunities to display what I was learning in different class projects, papers, and finals. Here are some samples of work I did in those classes.

Discover the Orange Bowl – The objective of this project was to utilize the recent sponsorship Discover signed with the Orange Bowl by coming up with a sales promotion and advertisements within a certain budget. As one of four group members, I focused on the cross-promotion sponsorship opportunities available to Discover because of its role in the Orange Bowl. My strategy was designed to bring in new users and create excitement for the game with casual or non-football fans.

Louis Vuitton Case Study – As part of my final for my International Marketing class, I had to create a marketing strategy for Louis Vuitton in India. This project gave me a way to display my creativity by focusing the marketing strategy on service instead of the price of the product. The research I got on Louis Vuitton indicated that customers in India already knew of the company’s price and quality, but wanted a way to get the products easily and without extra service costs.

WNBA Case Study – The prompt for this case study was to assess the WNBA’s (Women’s National Basketball Association) segmenting and positioning strategy to determine why the league is currently struggling.

Xerox Sponsorship of Asian Games – This case study assessed the pros and cons of a potential sponsorship that Xerox was considering for the Asian Games, a series of winter sporting events that take place in China. On this particular assignment, I got to use my degree to my advantage because I took International Marketing and focused on how Xerox could use the Chinese demographic to its advantage. 


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