Why You Can’t Resist Google+

The naysayers are out in full force. “Google is late to the party again” and “If Wave and Buzz didn’t catch on, why is Google+ any different?” I’ll admit that both statements are legitimate concerns, but neither understand exactly why “the +” is the fastest growing social network ever.

Don’t believe the hype, if you want. It’s true, Google+ is tapering off and at this point, the hype is greater than the promise, but only because people are still figuring out how to use Google+ and the company isn’t done adding to its features. Remember, Facebook wasn’t even available to the general public until two years after its inception and Twitter didn’t have the popularity it has now until its third year in 2009.

Google+ is going to break some serious records by next summer whether people like it or not. The applications itself are nothing special. Yes, Google lets people instant message on their phone without having a Blackberry and video chatting multiple people at one time via the Hangout is a great feature. However, it’s only a matter of time before Facebook rolls out the same features.

What makes Google the irresistible social media tool that is ultimately going to be a must have — especially for socially conscious businesses — is its search engine. Facebook is going to pair with Bing at some point in the near future, but Google still has the upper hand when it comes to where you go to find what you want. In fact, Google is so effective that it is now a verb as in “I Googled the nearest restaurant.” The same can be said about Facebook and Twitter, but when’s the last time you heard “I’m Binging person x’s name?”

Google has what you’d call a certain brand loyalty. Whether its a simple question or a quick search for directions, using Google for a search is pretty much an impulse.

Google knows this.

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Reputation Management Becoming Necessary for Company Success

Today isn’t the same promotional world you’re used to growing up in (or if you’re young enough, your parents). The days where having a big advertising budget translates into big profits simply isn’t true anymore, or at least not without other factors coming into play.

While raising brand awareness, segmenting a target market and positioning strategy are all crucial to selling a product or service, the world where companies can make their customers believe anything that’s advertised is simply no longer the case.

Just like a company can find out as much information about its customer base as it wants, customers are also open to researching the good and bad about any company they want. This gives the business owner an opportunity to either accept the challenge that comes with engaging in a two-way dialogue with their customers or assume that if they ignore bad feedback, that the problem will go away.

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