Why Derrick Rose Will Have the Best Sports “Brand” in Chicago History (Sorry MJ)

I’m not someone who often gets excited by shoes. Even when Michael Jordan’s shoes were the must-have product of my generation, I never valued the $100+ shoes as much as some of my other friends.

Based on some recent news, I have a feeling that’s about to change. Derrick Rose came out with a shoe called “Windy City.” Check out The Basketball Jones blog for pictures of the newest addition to the Adidas family. The main colors are red, white and black (Bulls colors) with blue shoe laces, which are supposed to symbolize the Chicago flag. The back of the shoe says “The L” and the sole of the shoe has a map of the L system while the tongue reads, “All flights canceled.” I take this in two ways. The first is a reference to O’Hare airport, which customers are frequently frustrated with for canceling and delaying flights. The second would be a jab at Jordan. I doubt Rose would ever want to undermine “Air Jordan,” with that phrase, but considering the fact that Jordan’s shoes were Nike and Rose is with Adidas, you never know.

But that argument is not why I’m talking about this shoe. I’m talking about it because it’s a sign of things to come from the new face in Chicago sports (with all due respect to Starlin Castro).

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